Is a free small Slurpee worth a wait in a moderately-sized line? If the above photo is any indication, plenty of San Franciscans think "sure, why not?"

As has been the tradition since the year of our lord 2002, the chain bodega has pronounced July 11 "7-Eleven Day," with giveaways of their iconic Slurpee. This year, it's a free size small offered from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

According to the above photo from former SFist editor Brock Keeling (whose Slurpee fondness was so strong that he made it a point to post about free Slurpee day on a regular basis), patrons at at least one downtown location were more than willing to line up for their free eight ounces of pureed ice and flavoring. So if you go, be prepared to wait.

And if you're in a really slurp-y mood, 7-Eleven says they're extending a dubious benefit to patrons all week: According to their "7-Eleven Day + Slurpee Week!" event page, frozen treat fanatics should "Come back for Slurpee Week, where you can get 11 FREE Slurpee drinks! Buy 7 between 7/12-7/18, get 11 FREE," with some fine print about a "Rewards Club" enrollment requirement and an expiration date of 8/31 to cash in your freebees.

Based on the 7-Eleven's website, there are 16 locations across SF where you can pick up your free Slurpee (their store locator is here). See you at the dentist!