At the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary outside Sacramento, an aging, 18-year-old black bear named Sequoia has formed a bond over the past seven years with a feral cat nicknamed Little Bear. The bear, now slow-moving and arthritic, is often seen lounging in the shade with Little Bear nearby, as the Sac Bee tells us, and "If Sequoia is sleeping in the grass, then the cat is invariably a few feet away."

Little Bear is one of a colony of feral cats who inhabit the zoo, and zookeepers say the cat has been around a long time. It's the only one of the cats, though, who chills with the bears, sharing occasional meals, and also hanging out with another older bear named Tahoe.

Jill Faust, lead senior zookeeper, tells the paper, "I think the cat feels comfortable. It’s a nice exhibit with grass, branches, trees and a pool. So it must feel like a pretty safe place to the cat."

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