The suspect at the center of the near four-hour standoff with police at Market and Jones Street on Wednesday remains hospitalized in critical condition and requires surgery for some of the injuries he sustained from non-lethal projectiles. ABC 7 spoke to his cousin, Renita Curry, who says the man is bipolar, but she says she's "pissed off" to find out what terrible condition he's in after the SFPD told her he would be in the psych ward at SF General.

The Examiner, meanwhile, has him in stable condition as of Thursday.

The man has yet to be identified, and he's already undergone surgery for fractures to his face. Today, he will be undergoing another surgery for a fracture in his arm, and he may have a punctured lung as well.

The SFPD on Wednesday released the photos below of the gun and ammunition they say they recovered at the scene, from the suspect.

The standoff began when two bicycle patrol cops in the Tenderloin approached the man, who they say was in an altered mental state, outside the Hibernia Bank building at Jones and McAllister. He apparently brandished a weapon and made comments to the effect that he would rather die than go back to jail — and he may have recently been released from county lockup in Nevada.

In the wake of other fatal police shootings across the country and three recent ones in San Francisco that led to the firing/resignation of Chief Greg Suhr in May, Interim Chief Toney Chaplin said that the force used all tactics necessary to subdue the suspect Wednesday with non-lethal force. "We were going to give this guy as much time as he needed," Chaplin said, adding that the non-lethal beanbag rounds shot at him over hours were the equivalent of "being hit with a nightstick."

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