A man was rescued this afternoon after he fell from the cliffs near Sutro Baths into the ocean and swam to a nearby cave for safety. Shortly after 3:15 p.m. today, the San Francisco Fire Department tweeted that a cliff rescue was taking place in the cave.

According to officials, the man was rescued from the cave and he suffered only minor injuries.

While the rocks and cliffs adjacent to Sutro Baths are a popular tourist destination, they unfortunately are also the scene of numerous falls by unsuspecting visitors. In January a man almost drowned while taking a selfie at the site — he too had to be rescued (no word yet if the man rescued today was trying to take a selfie when he fell). In 2006, a 22-year-old man fell into the water nearby and is assumed to have been swept out to sea.

So while you enjoy those great views, please remember to be careful.

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