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A video of what is reportedly a San Francisco Police Department response to an armed robbery attempt has garnered over 700,000 views this morning, as well as praise for police vigilance.

A call to SFPD for more details on the video was not returned as of publication time, so for now we'll have to rely on the account of the video's poster, YouTube user "Some One."

According to "Some One," who describes the security camera footage of the apparent thwarted crime as "cinematic!":

Between 1:08 and 1:10 PM this afternoon [the video was posted on Saturday, June 25], a group of guys in a car backed into a space while waiting for some tourists to walk down the hill.

As the tourists walked past them, gunmen emerged from the vehicle and attempted to pull bags away from at least two of the tourists. One ran down the hill, where they alerted some plain-clothes cops who had been lying in wait for the criminals.

We've had a large uptick in tourist theft recently, though mostly "smash and grab" out of parked cars. Really glad the cops were so vigilant this afternoon.

Needless to say, if and when we receive more information from SFPD, we'll update this report.

The activity described by Some One begins about 50 seconds into the video. (Though I've set it to play from that point, that doesn't always work, so fast-forward to that point if the below embed drops you at the beginning for the clip.)

Update 2:45 p.m.: The SFPD just sent out a press release on the armed robbery you see in the video. All told, three men were arrested by police in the incident, which occurred on the 1000 block of Filbert Street, which is between Leavenworth and Jones Streets. Here's SFPD's account of the incident:

On Saturday, June 25, 2016 officers from Central Station's Plain Clothes Team were working a vehicle theft abatement assignment. At approximately 1:10 PM, the suspects parked their Chrysler on the 1000 block of Filbert Street. One of the suspects remained with the vehicle while the other two set out on foot towards the "crooked" portion of Lombard Street. A plain clothes officer was on foot and observed them.

Now out of the car, one suspect approached the three female victims who had been visiting the "crooked street." This suspect produced a gun and demanded their property. One victim fled on foot screaming for help. The two remaining victims fought to maintain possession of a backpack and camera. Seeing this, the plain clothes officer radioed in a robbery in progress and requested back up. Meanwhile, the second suspect stepped in to help the first suspect. Together, they overpowered the victims taking the backpack and camera.

The suspects ran to the parked Chrysler where they were taken into custody. Police officers recovered both the backpack and camera as well as a loaded handgun that had been reported stolen in Louisiana. The victims were shaken up but sustained only minor injuries. The suspects were later booked at San Francisco County Jail.

Kordell Jamal Carter (above, left), male, age 20 of Santa Rosa was charged with: robbery, conspiracy, possession of stolen property, firearms charges. He was also booked on a felony burglary warrant from Marin County.

Pravin Kevin Lal (center), male, age 20 of Marin City was charged with: robbery, conspiracy, possession of stolen property and firearms charges.

Lamar Akeli Fontenot (right), age 19 of Antioch was charged with: robbery, conspiracy, possession of stolen property, possession of a burglary tool and firearms charges.