A couple of participants in Friday's Trans March in San Francisco chose to express their political defiance, and/or their disgust with the U.S. government, by burning an American flag and videotaping it. The video, which features some activists hooting and cheering on the act, was quickly picked up by Breitbart Tech editor and noted conservative gay Milo Yiannopoulos, who refers to everyone involved as "mentally ill." The video was then posted on the Breitbart site, where blogger Ben Kew says the act of flag burning "is generally interpreted as an act of political war against a nation."

Apparently the woman responsible, Mx. Emily Rose, was surprised to find out that her flag burning was offensive. She took a Twitter poll to find out.

Activists and participants in Friday's march expressed a fair amount of rejection of politicians in general, booing openly gay politicians Scott Wiener and Mark Leno off the stage, and booing Mayor Lee off as well. Leno expressed his anger to local station ABC 7 saying, "We may have disagreements with Ed Lee, I've got disagreement with Ed Lee, that's not the point. A mayor had never come to this event before [Lee] became mayor."

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