A number of stenciled tags appeared around the Mission over the last few weeks proclaiming that "queers hate techies." While that may be true for some members of the queer community (although likely not the many LGBTQ people who work in tech, nor the people who love them), a recently spray painted reply now hips us to how at least one self-described techie feels about queers.

Surprise! It's a warm fuzzy feeling. "I'm sorry ur hurting," reads the response captured in the above photo (brought to our attention by Capp Street Crap). "We l<3ve u."

That members of the LGBTQ community — a community that has seen the loss of historic queer spaces like the Lexington over the past few years — might hold a grudge against those who work in tech is not shocking. The sentiment is reminiscent of a comment made earlier in the year by gay icon Cleve Jones that "tech bros had taken over [gay bar] The Mix." However, in a conversation with SFist, Jones quickly expressed regret at his own words.

"The issues we face are far more important and complex than straight people in gay bars," explained Jones. "I do think we can have a conversation about 'gay space' but frankly, I think we all have more important issues at the moment."

With the conversation regarding how to best maintain queer space in the city clearly vital, one has to wonder if proclaiming hate for a segment of the population is the best way to move it forward.

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