In honor of Pride Week, SFist brings you this comprehensive guide to San Francisco's gay bar scene, tailored to each of your potential needs on any given night of the week. Sometimes you need a pleasant place to sit and watch a Joan Crawford movie with the sound off while you nurse a scotch and soda. Another night you might be in the mood to party and dance til 3 a.m. We've got you covered! (Though pretty much only Oasis and The Stud have licenses that let them stay open after last call, and Mighty and Public Works when the occasional gay thing happens there.)

Below, the best of gay bar-going in the city, whatever you may be in the mood for.

For Dorking Out On Musical Theater While Drinking: Musical Mondays and Wednesdays at The Edge

For Having a Quiet Post-Dinner Drink With a Date and a Jukebox: Last Call

For Bro-ing Out With Your Gay Bros: Hi Tops

For Dancing With Friends on a School Night: QBar, Beaux, or Tubesteak Connexxion at Aunt Charlie's

For Dancing On a Friday: Oasis


For Smoking Whilst Drinking on a Patio: The Mix or The Pilsner Inn

For Playing Pool and Drinking on the Cheap: Moby Dick

For Finding a Daddy: Midnight Sun or 440

For Finding a Grandaddy: Twin Peaks Tavern

Twin Peaks Tavern. Photo: Tim Lucas

For Finding a Twink Who Might Need a Place To Crash Until BART Reopens: The Cafe

For Hooking Up and General Grab-Assery: Powerhouse

For Going Gay In the Land of Marina Bros: The Cinch

Beauty abounds at Blackbird. (Photo: Blackbird/Facebook)

For Having a Well-Mixed Craft Cocktail: Blackbird

For Bear Sightings: The Lone Star

For Bear Sightings While Enjoying a Beer Bust: Sundays at The Eagle

For Picking Up a Tourist On a Tuesday: Badlands or Toad Hall

SomeThing at The Stud Photo: Facebook

For Watching Ironic Drag on a Friday: SomeThing at The Stud

For Watching Sometimes Ironic Drag on a Saturday: Mother at Oasis

For Watching Totally Non-Ironic Drag On a Weekend: The Hot Boxxx Girls at Aunt Charlie's

For Watching The Game With Your Lesbian Friends: Hi Tops

Sing out, Louise. (Photo: Martuni's/Facebook)

For Getting Blitzed And Belting Out a Few Sondheim Numbers: Martuni's

For Day-Drinking and Dancing: Hard French or Daytime Realness at El Rio

For Sunday Day-Drinking: The Lookout

For Drinking, Day or Night, With Your Elders Back In the Old Gay Ghetto: The Gangway

For Quietly Watching a Joan Crawford Movie With the Sound Off While Nursing a Scotch and Soda: Last Call

Photo: Shot in the City

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The stage at Oasis. Via Facebook