Much like with the Super Bowl earlier this year, San Francisco Department of Public Health officials announced today via press release that they intend to crackdown on unpermitted food vendors operating during Pride. When it comes to bacon-wrapped hot dogs (or whatever happens to be your late night street-snack of choice), if it's not permitted, city officials are not having it.

“Every year, Pride weekend in San Francisco draws in thousands of visitors who will eat, drink and enjoy our City,” explains Director of Health Barbara Garcia. “Our top concern is people’s health and safety. We don’t want anyone getting sick when they are here to enjoy the festivities surrounding a great weekend.”

According to officials, obtaining a permit can take months. As such, if a vendor doesn't already have one, he or she should not expect to secure one by this weekend. The DPH isn't playing around, either, and will send inspectors from the Environmental Health Branch to "canvas areas where Pride events are planned and will shut down vendors that are operating without a permit."

The crackdown on vendors, it seems, has nothing to do with concerns about violence or terrorism, and instead comes from the understandable fear that unsanitary conditions — to which unpermitted vendors may be prone — can spread food-borne illness. And yeah, no one (no one) wants to have their stomach do flip flops right when they finally get inside the club.

So, how do you know if the person you're buying your late-night snack from is legit? Check for a Health Department inspection decal. Or, you know, eat before you go out.

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