Someone really doesn't like brewpubs. Or, perhaps, they really love dry cleaners. Either way, Hoodline reports that within the last week an unknown individual tagged the exterior of a shuttered (or shuttering) Outer Sunset dry cleaners in apparent protest of its next tenant — brewpub chain Woods Beer.

In an act that might seem more at home in the Mission District than the Outer Sunset, the words "Die Yuppie Scum" and "Tehk" [sic?] were tagged across the business.

The dry cleaner, Ken's Cleaners, had apparently been in that spot for 23 years but the business owners chose not to renew their own lease. And so brewpub owner Jim Woods decided the location would be a good fit for his business. If approved by the ABC, the brewpub at 4045 Judah would be the fifth location for Woods Beer (after another location opens on Treasure Island).

According to Hoodline, Woods grew up in West Portal and has no hard feelings about the graffiti. "There are clearly — and understandably — people that are upset about the way San Francisco has changed over the past decade," Woods observed, speaking to potential motivation for the vandalism.

"Everyone we've spoken with has been super-supportive and welcoming," he furthered.

Assuming the permitting goes through, Woods is hoping to open by the end of the year — at which time both the vandal and the Outer Sunset will have a brand new spot to drink Yerba Mate IPA.

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