A bizarre scene reportedly went down at the former home of the deceased Steve Jobs, and a woman stands accused of felony assault and misdemeanor vandalism involving the Palo Alto residence. According to CBS 5, Jobs's widow still lives in the home, and at this point investigators are not speaking to any potential motives for the accused trespasser.

Just shy of 8:45 p.m. on May 9, 31-year-old Paloma Duarte allegedly rang the house's doorbell several times before walking around to the back. While in the backyard, she apparently screamed at a person inside the house before taking off. But Duarte, according to police, was not done.

Police say she returned the next day, and a private security guard saw her exit her car and walk toward the house. The guard says Duarte then threw a brick at the house, although it fell short and crashed through a car's windshield instead.

Duarte reportedly then hopped back in her car, reversed it into the car of the security guard, and took off. And with that, the chase was on. The guard followed her to Mountain View before police arrived on the scene and arrested her on suspicion of misdemeanor vandalism, making felony criminal threats, and felony assault with a deadly weapon.

This is not the first time someone has done something sketchy in or near the former home of the tech titan. In 2012, a man allegedly burglarized the house while it was under construction ā€” stealing Jobs's wallet in the process. In that instance, the man accused of the crime felt bad about it and said he wanted to write a letter of apology to Jobs's family.

No word on if a similar letter will be forthcoming from Duarte.

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