A video depicting a confrontation between a driver and a cyclist Wednesday morning on Market Street has caught the attention of the San Francisco Police Department. Streetsblog reports that SFPD Commander Ann Mannix is willing to track down the driver should the cyclist wish to press charges — presumably for assault, as it appears in the video that the driver spits on the cyclist as she rides away.

"[The cyclist] would have to sign a citizen’s arrest for the incident then the district investigations can follow up on the incident," wrote Commander Mannix in response to an inquiry from Streetsblog. "The passenger did the right thing to calm the situation…Let me know if she [the cyclist] is willing to sign a citizen’s arrest and then we will attempt to identify the driver (not necessarily the registered owner of the car)."

For those who haven't watched it, the video (captured and posted online by a third party) depicts a silver Toyota parked in a protected bike lane on Market Street. A cyclist rides around the car, and possibly taps the hood of the car with her hand as she does so (it's unclear in the video exactly what contact she had with the car). The driver then speeds up, all the while driving in the protected bike lane, pulls over, gets out of the car, and proceeds to scream obscenities at the clearly frightened cyclist saying that she had hit his car. The driver's passenger gets out of the car and physically restrains him as he screams.

When the cyclist tries to ride away, the driver spits at her.

Mannix, who is Commander of Municipal Transportation for SFPD, has also reached out to two district Captains about the incident. "I have cc’ed the captains of both the Mission and Southern Stations as the event likely occurred in both of their districts," she explained.

This incident follows the alleged assault of a cyclist on Market Street earlier this month wherein a woman reportedly intentionally drove her car over a cyclist. If the cyclist does indeed end up pressing charges for assault in Wednesday's encounter, police might also go after the driver for parking in a protected bike lane as multiple charges would likely increase the District Attorney's interest in prosecuting the case.

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