Have you ever wanted to get absolutely ripped but, you know, it was just, like, too hard? Enter CannaCloud, a new Keurig-like vaporizer in development by Boston startup CannaKorp. The device employs single-use pods — the contents of which are heated by the machine to produce a vapor which is inhaled. With California likely to vote this November on the legalization of marijuana for strictly recreation use, we may start to see these devices popping up in the near future.

And with a serious group of people behind the company, including multiple former Keurig employees, the "Keurig but for weed" might actually be an apt description of a product seemingly aimed more at soccer moms than stoners (see the below video).

"Choose from various types of sativa, indica, hybrid, and CBD-only strains," the website advertises. "Pods are pre-ground cannabis flower that are sealed to lock in flavor, aroma and freshness that ensures a great experience every time."

CNet reports that the device will sell for around $150, and like its coffee-maker inspiration, one has to assume that the real money for CannaKorp will be in the (recyclable — we checked) pods.

You can't actually buy one of these things yet, but just like everything from cars to virtual reality sets, you can pre-order it. According to Consumerist, the company hopes to start shipping by early 2017.

Until that time, you'll just have to continue getting stoned like you did before you knew about the existence of CannaCloud (however that was), resigned to not being as blissed out as the lady in the below video.