While the would-be art Jedi tries to make his return to San Francisco, the possibility of a George Lucas Museum Of Narrative Art in a new location — on Treasure Island — has already been met with mild praise, some criticism, and plenty of helpful suggestion. We learned over the weekend that Lucas, the filmmaker whose Star Wars 'n More museum idea is apparently at a perennial impasse in Chicago, had met with Mayor Lee to discuss the relocation to the largely barren island. It's just the latest episode in a long saga of Lucas' attempts to gift his museum at us: The original Presidio site fell through in somewhat dramatic, somewhat anticlimactic fashion, perhaps owing to its Beaux Arts/Spanish revival architectural style and certainly due to an inability to compromise or share a vision.

The Chronicle's John King was sort of feeling the new Treasure Island idea in his column... with a number of conditions. "If the billionaire filmmaker does turn his attention back to the Bay Area... and presents an imaginative vision for San Francisco’s Treasure Island that emphasizes transportation every bit as much as architecture, it actually might turn out to be a force for good," the critic wrote. There, to avoid the dark side I guess, King has a suggestion:

Imagine if part of Lucas’ proposal were to buy and operate at least two ferries — one connecting Treasure Island to the Ferry Building, the other serving the East Bay from Oakland’s Jack London Square. Such service could be part of the museum’s ticketed experience, similar to the current link between Pier 35 and Alcatraz. There’d be no point in families or “Star Wars” geeks navigating the already molasses-like Bay Bridge, solving a huge potential problem.

While King doesn't have an architectural plan to criticize yet — he manages to get a dig in about the Presidio renderings — he recommends, like, a good architect. And he even notes that Supervisors Jane Kim and Aaron Peskin are possibly onboard. “The museum could give Treasure Island a heart and a destination,” Peskin reportedly said.

Another critic of a sort, the billionaire Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, wasn't really having it. As he took to Twitter:

Of course, we'll cross that bridge, or ride that ferry, when we come to it. Writes King " any talks with San Francisco are at an early stage."

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