The story of the death of James Greer while in police custody in 2014 is a sad and frustrating one, and now his family is seeking some kind of solace in pushing for changes in how in-custody deaths are handled by the Alameda County DA's office. Also, Greer's ex-wife got access to body-camera footage from one of the officers involved in Greer's arrest, and she's decided to release it to the public, as you can see above via CBS 5.

Deana Abello, who has two children and two grandchildren with Greer, doesn't discuss filing suit in the case in the video above, but the actions of the 17 officers who swarmed Greer in this suspected DUI arrest gone wrong are certainly being called to question.

But Greer's son has hired attorney Fulvio Cajina, who tells the Chronicle, "It’s definitely wrongful death," and "The officers were clearly negligent."

On May 23, 2014, 46-year-old Greer was apparently just out buying lottery tickets, and he was pulled over for allegedly driving erratically. Greer, who was obese, can be seen in the video stumbling slightly, but he's descended upon my multiple officers who then start telling him to stop resisting arrest or he'll be Tased. You can see Greer being Tased multiple times in the ensuring conflict after he's wrestled to the ground, and a few minutes later he would be dead. His official cause of death according to the Alameda County Coroner was acute PCP intoxication associated with physical exertion.

Currently, the family is seeking unspecified damages.

Next Monday, in honor of the two-year anniversary of Greer's death, his family will be holding a rally at Hayward City Hall.