A delicious looking new Eastern Mediterranean spot — think more Turkish and Lebanese than Greek or Italian — is set to debut in the next couple of weeks from former Delfina chef Joseph Magidow, and it's called Tawla. Jordanian-born Azhar Hashem, whose parents are Palestinian, recruited Magidow to interpret the cuisines of her homeland and neighboring countries, including mezze like Egyptian-style fava beans and labne (strained yogurt dip), as well as things like saffron soup with octopus escabeche, grilled lamb chops with salsa verde, and house-made pita bread.

As Hoodline has it, the place is opening at 206 Valencia Street, a stone's throw from Zeitgeist, between Duboce and 14th.

Per the restaurant's website, the menu will be "Focused on the less known edibles of the region, traditionally prepared at home," and feature "seasonal produce, and locally sourced, sustainably raised/caught meats and seafood."

Also, there will be a landscaped patio, and we always need more of those.

Stay tuned for a more definitive opening date.