An employee at a Mission District restaurant was rushed to the hospital this morning, after a customer stabbed him over a burrito.

According to the San Francisco Police Department, a man entered a taqueria on the 2200 block of Mission Street, which is between 18th and 19th Streets, at 12:30 this morning. He ordered a burrito. So far, so good, right?

Wrong. Police say that once the man got his burrito, he "fled on foot without paying." A 19-year-old worker from the restaurant gave chase, but when he caught up to the snack snatcher, the miscreant "brandished a knife" and "slashed" the taqueria staffer "in the chest."

The tortilla thief then fled west on 19th, police say.

The restaurant employee, police say, was transported to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment of a non-life-threatening "small puncture wound" to his torso.

The bladed burrito burglar, police say, remains at large.