Two alleged thieves who went on a spree of wine burglaries in the cellars of high-end restaurants around the Bay Area in the last few years were arrested Wednesday, as the Chronicle is reporting, and they've been indicted and charged with transporting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stolen wine out of state. The FBI hasn't revealed much about how they were caught, but 53-year-old Alfred Georgis of Mountain View and 44-year-old Davis Kiryakoz of Modesto are believed to be the men seen on surveillance video from at least one of the businesses targeted, which included Alexander's Steakhouse in Cupertino, where 39 bottles of pricey vino were stolen in November 2014, a month before a similar and well publicized heist at the French Laundry in Yountville on Christmas Day.

By January 2015, investigators found all but four of the French Laundry's stolen bottles in North Carolina, where a wealthy collector had unknowingly purchased the lot. It seems likely that that discovery may have helped investigators find the accused thieves, but so far they're not saying what evidence they have besides this surveillance tape, in which their faces are covered by hoodies.

In total, they're accused of robbing seven businesses, as CBS 5 reports, including a high-end wine merchant in San Francisco.

The French Laundry cache was worth a reported $300,000 and included "verticals" (multiple vintages) from prized Burgundy producer Domaine de la Romanee-Conti. The thieves allegedly went after similar wines at Alexander's, and as the wine director there, Maxwell Klassen, tells the Chron, "They knew exactly what they were going for. They took the most expensive bottles."

Local bon vivant and KCBS food and wine edtor Narsai David keeps it real at CBS 5, though, and says, "They’re wonderful wines, there’s no question. But they’re far more important as collectibles these days, than they are as wines."

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