Traffic is bad in the Bay Area. We know this, and have written about it before. Interestingly, a new report (unsurprisingly) shows that not only does everyone else know this reality to be true, but that over 80 percent of Bay Area residents believe that the current standstill will never improve. Like, never ever. The Business Times picked up on a poll by The Bay Area Council, a (business funded) advocacy group, which finds that well over a majority of those living in the Bay have come to terms with the slow-moving reality of their commute.

Specifically, 83 percent of those polled said they "totally disagree" with the statement that "traffic in the Bay Area will improve as time passes." Interestingly, sixty-nine percent of those polled also said that their primary mode of transportation is driving alone. Which, hmm, seems like there might be a solution in there somewhere?

"We're running out of adjectives to describe how bad Bay Area traffic is and the misery it's causing," said president and CEO of the Bay Area Council Jim Wunderman.

Hey, Wunderman, how about "self-inflicted"?

While those polled may not be able to see past the reality of their dusty windshields when it comes to their own commute, 70 percent expressed "total support" for the construction of a second Transbay Tube. So, there's something, right? Until that distant future of two Transbay Tubes, however, it appears that most drivers have resigned themselves to a life spent stuck in traffic.

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