HBO's Silicon Valley premiered its third season on Monday, and accompanying it was a long interview with one of the show's stars. T.J. Miller plays the blustery Erlich Bachmann on the show — a character that both buys into and mocks the excesses of the Valley. In discussion with Esquire, it turns out that Miller has one part of that equation down pat. I'll let you guess which one.

"This is the reason we're making fun of you: because you don't get it," Miller said of the tech industry. "You don't have a sense of humor about yourselves. You're all these pretentious rich assholes who do this fake hero-worship of the guy who thought of the idea for Uber."

Indeed, the show excels in skewering both the self-seriousness and obliviousness of the tech industry. And while it's not all condescension on Miller's part (he's a fan of Elon Musk, for example), that is the overall sense one is left with after reading the interview.

"Elon Musk certainly gets the joke," he said of the show's humor. "There are others who not only don't get the joke, but they're calling me out for saying the word 'bitch' on stage and they have pending sexual harassment and assault cases — the hypocrisy is lost on most of those people. I'd say most of them don't get the joke, and that's why they like the show."

Perhaps the best part of the interview is when he recalls an experience he had as host of the 2015 Crunchies.

At the Crunchies everyone was like, "That's Travis Kalanick's girlfriend." I was like, "Who is that?" And they were like, "What!? The guy from Uber!" They're all kind of walking around with too much money, but [they have] great ideas sometimes. But Uber is a horrible company. They're horrible to their drivers. And because it's a new frontier, they can play by their own rules. They just squeeze the drivers for everything. They're just increasing the IPO so Travis Kalanick can jack off to it at night, I guess?

Miller has some choice thoughts when it comes to San Francisco as well, observing that we "live in a really expensive, foggy place that's good for walking with artisan meats and breads." Which, yeah, those are just a few of the many wonderful things about our great city — thank you for noticing.

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