Two more witnesses have come forward in the case of Amilcar Perez Lopez, disputing the official SFPD narrative of the 20-year-old's February 26, 2015 shooting death to say that plainclothes officers shot him in the back as he ran away. So reports The Examiner, which notes that the two men had been afraid to come forward but were convinced to speak out by Pastor Richard Smith of St. John The Evangelist.

Smith arraigned a meeting with the men and District Attorney’s Office investigators at his church on December 16th, and relayed to the Ex details of what he heard the men recount.

According to Smith, the two men said they saw Lopez walking home when two plainclothes officers stopped their unmarked car and approached Lopez, who speaks no English, while he was yelling. One grabbed Lopez, who appeared to think he was under attack. Lopez got away from the police and ran out into the street, where he dropped the knife he was carrying. Then the first shot was fired. After a brief pause, five more shots rang out, and Lopez lay dead in the street.

This account matches two separate autopsies, also reported on in The Examiner, which found that Lopez was shot four times in the back, once in the back of the head, and once in the back of the arm.

These facts directly contradict the official police narrative of events, which, just like in the recent shooting death of Luis Gongora, state that Lopez charged police with a knife — forcing them to fire in self defense.

Lopez was shot roughly 15 feet from his front door, near Folsom and 24th Street. According to the Examiner, The DA's investigation into his death is still ongoing.

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