In what is merely the latest bit of unfortunate news for the students of City College of San Francisco, The Examiner reports that Interim Chancellor Susan Lamb will shut down all eleven campuses tomorrow. Lamb announced the decision in a statement post online, and wrote that it was necessary in light of the forthcoming one-day teachers union strike planned for Wednesday.

"[Closing] the school and its eleven locations on Wednesday is the safest and most prudent course of action,” Lamb wrote. “Due to the strike, we do not anticipate having the necessary personnel onsite to maintain and operate the buildings.”

American Federation of Teachers Local 2121 President Tim Killikelly explained that the strike was called because the union believes negotiations over faculty pay were not progressing. “The reason is they have not been negotiating in good faith with us," she told the paper. "The bad faith doesn’t go away because they decide to close the college down for a day.”

Lamb, for her part, showed frustration about the entire situation. "I deeply regret that the union has chosen to strike," she wrote, "and hope that this one-day action passes quickly so we can return our focus to our students and their education."

Classes are set to resume on Thursday.

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