In 2005, Facebook was in its infancy and Mark Zuckerberg was in his early '20s — a period of young nerdbro-dom he signifies with a traditional red solo cup. Of course, the Facebook we know today was very different then — it still had that strange article in front, The Facebook, for one thing.

Zuckerberg was different too, even if he's remained boyish and impish. As the young entrepreneur and college dropout explains in the clip, which has been circulating on CNET and elsewhere, his own expectations for his social network were anything but grandiose. In fact, he sort of appears amazed that people were using his product at all.

"I think the Facebook is an online directory for colleges," says Zuckerberg, "and it’s kind of interactive... A lot of people are focused on taking over the world or doing the biggest thing, getting the most users... Part of making a difference and doing something cool is focusing intensely."

That's a far cry from the CEO's stump speeches these days, celebrating new users and features added. Consider that now, Zuckerberg is a dad, one giving away his fortunes to charity, and meanwhile, professionally gambling on the future of virtual reality. It looks to me like Zuckerberg sees a world he can, in fact, shape, and new ones he can create.

Pretty cool right? Anyway, where's that keg?

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