Donald Trump is coming to the Bay Area later this month, and perhaps in anticipation of his visit, Trump presidential campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson is suggesting that Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg should move to the Mexican border. Trump, who the Chronicle reports will be speaking on Aprll 29 at the California Republican Party convention in Burlingame, seems to have taken offense to Zuckerberg's comments, picked up by CNet and others, criticizing "fearful voices calling for building walls" at this week's F8 developer conference.

"I think I'll take Mark Zuckerberg seriously," Pierson told CNBC, "when he gives up all of his private security, moves out of his posh neighborhood and comes to live in a modest neighborhood near a border town, and then I'm sure his attitude would change."

Zuckerberg followed up his original comments by writing that his words were "about having the courage to choose hope over fear." This is not the first time that Zuckerberg has taken an oblique shot at Trump — this past December the young tech titan spoke of adding his "voice in support of Muslims in our community and around the world," in what was widely read as a rebuke to the Islamophobia being hyped at the time by Trump.

"Self-righteousness isn't very proactive," said Pierson. "We can talk about taxes, we can talk about jobs and even immigration, but that doesn't really put food on the table and save lives."

Trump is not alone in his visit to the Bay Area. He will be joined by other presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich, in addition to the (assumed) throngs of protesters.

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