Say goodbye to 10-for-a-dollar limes and hello to something new and gentrified in FoodHall, whose prices we do not know but whose chic logo and new paint job herald a different era at the northwest corner of 16th and Valencia Streets. Arriving next to ice cream sandwich artist outpost CREAM, the forthcoming market in the former Val 16 grocery space is weeks away according to proprietor, Bilal Mannaa, who spoke with SFist. Meanwhile an ad on Craigslist indicates a "unique shopping experience for food and drink enthusiasts in San Francisco." That apparently includes coffee, as baristas are wanted.


Before Val 16, the space was once a Wells Fargo branch, and London-based architects William Tozer have designed the space for the forthcoming Foodhall. The concept, as they say, is certainly on trend, as they also say. The Market on Market arrived last year in the Twitter Building, and closer to this location, the Myriad is open at 15th and Market, each serving a variety of prepared foods, coffee, and other items to eat on site or take away.


Inside Scoop was also on the case today, and adds that in addition to Maanna, Yasmin Murtadha, is behind the project. Both are ex-investment bankers from London. Inside the 2,500-square-foot space, you'll find all the essentials: charcuterie, pastry, cheeses, and with a full liquor license, craft beer, spirits, and wines. In each department the space will also hold educational events.

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FoodHall - 3100 16th Street at Valencia - Opening mid-May