Querulous recording artist Azealia Banks, whose Twitter feed is a simmering broth of homophobia, nonsense, and the occasional Donald Trump endorsement, may hold in her hands the fate of billionaire CEO Jack Dorsey.

Anyway, that's what Banks, who claims to be an expert in witchcraft, appeared to argue. More specifically, she took to Twitter to say that Dorsey sent her a lock of his hair and asked for her spiritual protection. And poof, the dogged reporters at Re/Code were on the story.

The tale of toil and trouble begins last year, when Banks appears to have endorsed Square, a company which Dorsey runs as CEO in his spare time when he isn't busy operating Twitter, also as CEO.

Banks claims that Dorsey asked her to promote Square as she did, and, in exchange, promised to shill for her music. Then it all sort of goes from there.

Dorsey's fates have fluctuated somewhat wildly within the last year, and Banks's story would certainly add clarity. While Re/code diligently reached out to Square and Twitter, the outlet was met with mild derision by company spokespersons. Square's representative, for example, in response to a request for comment, sent a GIF of Will Arnett as Gob Bluth, a magician from Arrested Development.


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