Traffic on the eastern span of the Bay Bridge came to a standstill this past Sunday, but, unlike pretty much every other day, hapless commuters were not to blame. Instead, once again a group of organized, joyriding motorists intentionally blocked traffic on the bridge for the express purpose of burning rubber and driving in circles. According to KRON4, the California Highway Patrol received multiple phone calls reporting the sideshow Sunday evening, and they believe that up to fifty cars participated.

Sunday's incident follows on years of donut-doing thrill-seeking on the Bay Bridge and elsewhere in the Bay Area — just last February a car was filmed on the western span of the bridge doing the same thing, and both times video of the sideshow was posted to the same Instagram account.

Sideshows have a long and dangerous history in the Bay Area, and high profile locations like the Bay Bridge seem to have a particular appeal. In 2014 a similar video was shot on the Golden Gate Bridge, proving that stupidity is both timeless and boundless. But, hey, I guess we already knew that.

No arrests have been reported, but CBS 5 notes that CHP obtained a license plate of one of the involved vehicles which should assist in a potential future apprehension — assuming they can catch him.

Video: Sideshow Shuts Down Bay Bridge, Sparks CHP Investigation