Just a day after we learned that some 19 UC Berkeley employees have been accused of sexual harassment in recent years, with seven of them losing their jobs in the process, embattled assistant basketball coach Yann Hufnagel has given up trying to fight the university's effort to fire him. As the East Bay Times reports, Hufnagel submitted his letter of resignation Thursday, just three days after hiring notorious local PR guy Sam Singer to aid in his appeal.

Hufnagel also hired attorney Mary McNamara, who insisted in a statement distributed Monday by Singer, "Cal has wronged an innocent man and they must correct their error."

Hufnagel was accused by a female reporter of trying to lure her to his apartment for sex and repeatedly sending her harassing text messages. Hufnagel says it was a "mutual flirtation."

The woman said that Hufnagel trapped her in his parking garage, and that she said as he continued to talk about oral sex she said, "Let me the fuck out of here." Hufnagel later admitted to investigators, "With all candor, I was trying to trick her into going upstairs."

As documents requested by the Chronicle reveal, Hufnagel isn't the first Berkeley coach to be embroiled in a sexual harassment case — and at least one other accused athletics coach has kept his job. That would be men's and women's swimming and diving coach Todd Mulzet, who reportedly sexually harassed a male co-worker over an 18-month period between 2014 and 2015, offering him $300 for oral sex and repeatedly referring to him as "my boyfriend." Mulzet is in his third year on the UC Berkeley staff, and took a pay cut as a result of the harassment case.

And Hufnagel's case of course follows on the high-profile resignations of astronomy professor Geoffrey Marcy, and Law School Dean Sujit Choudhry in recent months, both of whom resigned following reports that they had sexually harassed students or underlings.

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