The rabbits are finally here, and they're coming for you, and you, and you. Well, sort of. The inflatable sculptures installed today in front of City Hall are the work of Australian artist Amanda Parer, and the five bunnies, as we mentioned before, are meant to represent environmental destruction wrought by man by calling attention to the furry creatures brought to Australia by white settlers in 1788 that have wrecked havoc on the continent ever since.

"I expect people will be drawn to the rabbits’ playful appearance," notes Parer, "and I hope they will also take the time to understand the deeper meaning in the work and discuss how our actions impact the natural world in which we all live.”

The 23-foot-tall sculptures, which will live in Civic Center Plaza until April 24, will be lit from the inside — creating an eerie nighttime appearance. According to the San Francisco Arts Commission, the installation is a collaborative effort between the commission, the Recreation & Parks Department, and the Office of Economic and Workforce Development. According to SFist, the installation looks awesome.

A dedication ceremony is set to take place tomorrow at 9 a.m. on the steps of City Hall, and later in the evening food trucks and music will provide a backdrop for anyone wanting to check out the exhibit. So grab a bite, nod your head to the city-provided tunes, and keep Parer's message of "ecological destruction" in mind.

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