Today I continue reaching into the trove of color photographs taken by hobbyist Charles W. Cushman to bring you some more cityscapes that were on sunny spring days like we're having now, only 61 years ago, in 1955.

Previously I brought you views of different parts of town from three years prior, in 1952, and Cushman, who lived in Indiana but traveled extensively for work and took photographs for pleasure, returned to San Francisco multiple times before his death in 1972.

This collection shows various hilltop views and vistas featuring snapshots of residential architecture in Diamond Heights, Eureka Valley, Twin Peaks, Cole Valley, the Inner Richmond, the Inner Sunset, and the Bayview — and once again you'll be surprised to see some of ramshackle buildings on underdeveloped hillsides, as well as the newness of the row-houses in some of our now aging neighborhoods.

You can read more about Cushman here, and this will not be the last installment of his SF collection. Stay tuned for more.