A perhaps confused, definitely lost sea lion pup was discovered, according to Fremont Police, in someone's front yard on Osgood Road this morning.

They posted the above video as they awaited a pickup by the Marine Mammal Center, saying, "We have no idea how it made it up to Osgood, which is far from any normal body of water where you would find a sea lion." In the video, as you can see and hear, the sea lion doesn't make a sound, and looks generally standoffish and unhappy about being filmed.

Apparently, though, this is not the first sea lion to be found in Fremont, and the Marine Mammal folks did not sound surprised.

A year ago, a lone sea lion pup was found wandering up Divisadero in SF's Marina District. At the time, malnourished sea lions were being found in various odd locales due to a dearth in sardines in local waters, which are the sea lions' primary source of food.

Below, some photos of the sea lion where it was discovered.