Terry Cozy does not abide by the laws of polite society and is apparently undeterred by heavy fines and strong rebuke. And yet C.W. Nevius of the Chronicle provided the latter for the accomplished tagger, who has done an estimated $50,000 in damage to the city, and the city levied the former in January, fining Cozy $217,831.64

The female tagger, whose signatures are often Coz, Coze, or COZE1, allegedly left a different mark on a police cruiser parked on Market Street earlier this month. "F— the police," she, or someone, seems to have written on the door. An officer who tracked Cozy down on Market found that she had brass knuckles and six cans of spray paint with her.

"She’s not learning," Marty Ferreira, an officer who tracks and helps prosecute taggers. "There have been fines, arrests and media exposure. And it is not making an impact. I’d like to see progressive steps so that the punishment increases.”

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