Have you been following the #ManInTree ordeal? At some point yesterday morning, the above pictured man climbed the iconic 80-foot sequoia tree located in front of a downtown Seattle Macy's store and posted up. Police, fearing the man was suicidal, quickly shut down the streets surrounding the tree, and attempted to talk him down. He seemed to be, well, upset about something. Now, more than 24 hours later, the Seattle Times is reporting that the unidentified 28-year-old man has finally climbed down.

According to the Seattle Police Department, officers received reports of a man perched atop the tree shortly after 11 a.m. Tuesday. "During early attempts to contact the man, who appears to be suffering from a crisis, he threw an apple, branches, pine cones and other items at officers on the street below, and claimed to be armed with a knife," reads the police statement.

And so up in the tree he remained, all through the night and into the morning — his internet popularity, fueled in part by a (amazing, we might add) livestream of the ordeal by local station KOMO, growing the entire time.

The punny SPD Twitter account didn't really help things, either.

Even The New York Times apparently tuned in to the livestream at one point this morning, transcribing the early morning musings of KOMO broadcaster Theron Zahn.

Is there a metaphor in all of this? Like, the rest of us, in our own way, would like to climb a tree and be left alone? That’s what I think. Maybe all of us, in our own lives, with the stress of the world and everything, you just want to go up in a tree and hang out with the birds, and not be bothered.

According to Alison Grande, a reporter with Seattle's KIRO-TV, the Seattle Police Department does not plan to arrest the man following the completion of a mental health evaluation.

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