Janice, the 10-pound piglet who less than two weeks ago made the Mission District her bitch, will soon be trading city life for one in the country, San Francisco's Animal Care and Control has announced.

Of course you remember the thrilling tale: Janice was first spotted running loose in the Mission, and led wanna-be captors on a wild pursuit up and down several streets in the area. She then hunkered down at the ACC, in the hopes that her guardian might come forward to claim her.

As Janice set herself up at the ACC, requests to adopt her numbering in the dozens poured in, spokesperson Deb Campbell says. In the end, however, her family never stepped forward, and Al Wolf, Director of the Sonoma County Reptile Rescue, was chosen as her new guardian due to his "extensive knowledge of all species of animals," Campbell says.

According to the SCRR site, Wolf "founded Sonoma County Reptile Rescue in 1989, the culmination of his life-long love for reptiles" and "has an extensive background in reptile care, animal husbandry, and conservation," with previous roles at the SF Zoo and "other animal rescue organizations."

Wolf has "opened [his] heart and home to Janice," Campbell says. "The tiny runaway piglet will be living high on the hog with her new pig-friendly family."

Wolf will come to pick up Janice at 11 a.m. today, when she'll be sent off in style by ACC staffers and Brother Damian of the Society of Saint Francis, one of the folks involved in the original chase to catch the beast.

"We've enjoyed having Janice at ACC," ACC Executive Director Virginia Donohue says. "She's taught us a lot about pigs, and we've loved her good nature and spirit."

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