Remember how Beyoncé got hooked up with that fancy Airbnb in Los Altos when she and Jay-Z were here for the Super Bowl back in February? Well it appears Justin Bieber got a piece of that same promotional action — or his team just coughed up the money for it — because he also stayed in the $10K/night rental, the listing of which you can find here. The place has Bay Views, and E! Online got some more details after the Biebs posted the Instagram show below of himself, praying (?), while standing in the infinity pool.

I'm guessing this was another plug by Airbnb to show how big celebrities use their service, and that the deal is that the celebrity just has to post a photo of themselves on social media, just like Bey did a few feet away by the fire pit.

Bieber's post, which went up yesterday, prior to his Oracle Arena show tonight in Oakland, already has 1.7 million likes. Unlike Beyonce, he did not specifically namecheck Airbnb. Will he back there tonight, I wonder, with a legion of determined tween girls camped at his gate?

Bless up

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Who's going to the show tonight, huh?? I'm truly curious where the Bieber fan base and SFist's audience overlap.

This actually is a pretty good pop song, you guys. In case you hadn't heard it like everywhere.