San Franciscans, deservedly or not, have a reputation for falling prey to Peter Pan Syndrome, as anyone who skipped Easter Mass in favor of careening wildly on tricycles down a perilous hill can attest. It is very much in that spirit that we remind you of an event for that same inner child who thrills at a massive Valentine's Day pillow fight: A pop-up ball pit bar.

As previously reported, a week from tomorrow, non-profit Forward Motion plans to turn Maiden Lane cocktail bar Romper Room into a boozy, very adult ball pit. While the details are kind of light (we'd like to think that filling an entire bar with plastic balls violates some sort of code), we have no doubt that the heady mixture of serotonin, adrenaline, and distilled beverages coursing through the bloodstreams of all involved will make for a fun time...until it doesn't.

This all goes down on Saturday March 19 starting at 12 p.m. Advance tickets are already sold out, but tickets will be available at the door if you're up for getting some morning mimosas and waiting in what is certain to be a lengthy line.

Who knows, maybe you'll meet your one true San Francisco love?


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Comic: XKCD.