This beautiful, burned out shell of a home can be yours for the low, low price of $6 million dollars! The mansion, which is located at 2008 Vallejo Street, has been empty since suffering fire damage in 2013 and it now appears that the owner has finally decided the time is right to make a little bank before the tech bubble bursts or whatever and the housing market returns to some semblance of sanity.

"San Francisco Georgian Mansion with superb location and views in Pacific Heights," reads the listing on Craigslist. "Pacific Heights is a neighborhood of San Francisco known for the notable people who reside locally," it helpfully continues.

Curbed did a little digging, and informs us that the home was built in 1913 and has currently unapproved plans for conversion into a six-bed, seven-bath residence. Whatever the new owner decides to do with the house located near the corner of Laguna and Vallejo Streets, it's definitely going to need some work — with listing notes of "danger - hazardous condition" to prove it.

So what do you say, dear readers? Is the $5,950,000 asking price an appropriate price to pay for the (assured) pleasure of hobnobbing with all the "notable people who reside locally"? Or, like in the case of the horrific Outer Sunset teardown that just last week sold for almost a million dollars, is paying an absurd amount of money for a massive fixer-upper just how things are these days?

Ugh. If you need me, I'll be hiding in my $1.2 million shack.

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