Have you been saying to yourself "there’s a million things I haven’t done?" Is one of those things "singing along to the broadway phenomenon Hamilton with a horde of rabid fans?" Then you're in luck.

Over drinks at El Rio at 7 p.m. on March 22, the Hamiltunes will pay tribute to their favorite show before it enters a scheduled run in San Francisco and Los Angeles next year.

The inspiration comes to us from Los Angeles and has now branched northward, ensnaring local fanatics who have launched their own Hamiltunes chapter. LA magazine wrote of one Hamiltunes event that the experience was reminiscent of churchgoing. Volunteers take to the stage to lead the congregation in their favorite numbers, and yes, raise a glass.

Here's a clip from one such spectacular:

Hamiltunes Hamilton Sing-Along, 7 p.m., El Rio, 3158 Mission Street, Free

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