Here's a fun little video to get you over that mid-afternoon slump and simultaneously make (most of) you feel really, really old.

Fine Brothers Entertainment got a bunch of teenagers and sat them in front of an "ancient" — one of them even calls it "prehistoric" — Dell desktop PC from the '90s, and once they marveled at the outsized monitor and figured out how even to boot the thing up (hint: once upon a time the monitor had its own power button), they were asked to describe what they saw on the Microsoft Windows 95 desktop, and if it looked at all familiar to them.

A couple acknowledge that, perhaps sadly, Windows XP doesn't look a whole lot different from this, and it's clear that a few of them have probably never used a Windows machine at all. (And, as most Apple geeks of a certain age will tell you, Microsoft just stole the whole "look and feel" of the desktop from the Mac in the first place, but I digress.)

Then they're told that this computer doesn't have wi-fi, and they will need to find another way to get on the internet. "What's a modem?"

Facepalm. I'm so old. Goodnight.

[h/t: DigitalTrends]