Six UC Santa Cruz fraternity and sorority members were arrested last Friday for running what federal agents allege to be a large MDMA — a drug also known as "Molly" or "Ecstasy" — "organized drug sales ring." Authorities seized over 5,000 tablets, and note that the street value of the drugs is estimated at $100,000. Mariah Dremel, Benny Liu, Cesar Casil, and Nathan Tieu were arrested for conspiracy and possession of a controlled substance for sale. Hoai Nguyen and Cecilia Le were just arrested for possession.

Santa Cruz Police helpfully inform us that "the use of MDMA is done in a variety of contexts and is commonly associated with dance parties, raves, and electronic dance music."

All of the students are 21 years old, and officials note that three of them are affiliated with the Lambda Phi Epsilon fraternity and three with the Alpha Kappa Delta Phi sorority. The Santa Cruz Police Department worked with Homeland Security and US Postal Service Inspectors on the case.

"Over the past few weeks, the Santa Cruz Police Department became aware of several packages of MDMA tablets being shipped through the US Postal Service," notes the Santa Cruz Police Department. "The packages were shipped from overseas and were bound for three addresses in the city of Santa Cruz."

A search warrant was served on three homes, apparently after drugs had been delivered through the mail.

Without getting into the widely-acknowledged-to-be-absurd War On Drugs, it is perhaps worth taking a moment to remind everyone of the sage advice of Mitch Hedberg (RIP) when it comes to sending drugs through the mail.

“I like the FedEx guy, ’cause he’s a drug dealer and he don’t even know it! And he’s always on time.”

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