Not surprisingly, everyone is searching for how to move to Canada again, and Donald Trump hasn't even been elected yet!

According to Google Trends, searches for "move to Canada" are on the rise and as of March 1, Super Tuesday, they hit their highest point in 11 years — meaning that more people are thinking about fleeing the country than there have been since the wake of the November 2004 re-election of George W. Bush.

San Francisco's KPIX/CBS 5 tries to be open-minded in analyzing this data point, saying, "Depending on who you support, the trend may be folks searching for way to get away from an America led by President Trump, or people running for the border at the thought of another President Clinton," and joking, "Maybe Canada should start building a wall."

But we all know that Trump supporters are riding a wave of confidence right now and that very few (or none) of them would ever consider leaving the US of A. So let's just all agree that everyone who's talking about moving to Canada are on the left — and a lot of them may even be Bernie supporters who'd consider fleeing if Hillary won, too.

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