Liverpool Lil's: 1973 - 2015, when the Marina pub well known for spirited food, drinks, and atmosphere suffered fire damage from which management now reports Lil's won't be able to recover. The landlord refused to renew the owner's lease any further, and the Liverpool Lil's sign went down today.

At the time of the blaze last April, we were told by the Fire Department that the bar/restaurant would be "out for a while." In the more optimistic words of management, it would be "closed for a short time." As the Chronicle reported last year, the fateful fire originated in the residential units above Lil's and spread to the attic in the Travelodge behind the bar.

Lil's has been posting periodic updates to Facebook, finally writing in August that, "We are sorry to report that there has been very little progress in the rebuilding of LiL's... So much of the progress is being held up by insurance companies, lawyers and incredible expenses."

Staff were nonetheless optimistic. "We continue to push forward. With such minimal progress there gas been nothing report, but don't count us out."

But the coup de grace arrived late last night. "Our landlord has refused to renew our lease so Lil's will be no more," the bar's owners wrote. "Thank you to the neighborhood, the generations of families and the city of San Francisco for allowing us to serve you for as long as we did. It certainly was our pleasure."


I think the pleasure was ours. Lil's sister restaurant, The Brazen Head, remains open for business — and Lil's management certainly hopes you'll give it just that.

Liverpool Lil’s, 2942 Lyon St, at Lombard Street

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Liverpool Lil's via Facebook