Remember those renderings we showed you last month of The Light House, the converted and luxuriously renovated former Second Church of Christ Scientist that has long laid vacant and condemned next to Dolores Park? Well, the units have just hit the market, as Curbed reports, two of them at least, with a big grand opening set for next Wednesday. The asking price for each lofty, 5,000+-square-foot pad: $6.49 million.

Curbed has some lovely photos of a fully staged front unit, with its 30-foot ceilings, three bedrooms, three and a half baths, and mezzanine level.

Developer Siamak Akhavan is said to be keeping the top unit, under the dome, for himself, and he's only putting two of the four units on the market right now — he's got one of the rear units currently on Craigslist for a downright insane $28,000/month, which: good luck! It's also a three bedroom, so maybe there are three tech entrepreneurs with cash to set ablaze willing to split the place for $9,333/month apiece?

Do Saudi princes rent lofts next to Dolores Park these days? Because that might work too.

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