San Francisco's Old Mint, est. 1854 for all that filthy Gold Rush lucre, hasn't been shiny and new in quite some time. Not since it closed in 1937 with the advent of the New Mint, anyway. But, that's changing, or so it seems! The Business Times wrote last year that the building at 88 Fifth Street was due for a turnaround after years of disrepair. As you might remember, there was hopeful speculation that the space could become some kind of theater venue thing, with SHN in charge of that according to sources.

Alas, that wasn't to be, in favor of a more general event space. And as the city weighs longer-term proposals due earlier this month, the Old Mint, which is owned municipally, has been spiffed up by Activate San Francisco Events, Inc. That group has worked in the past at sites like Pier 70. Indeed, by the time the Super Bowl came to town, the Chronicle observes, things were already looking good for the "Nike+ The Opening experience at The Mint."

The latest? Early next month we have a series of events to look forward to in the Mayor's Office-sponsored San Francisco History Days. The description of the free, public event is as follows:

On the weekend of March 4-6, 2016 the Old Mint becomes a pop-up museum of San Francisco history featuring more than 75 exhibitors at the San Francisco History Days at the Old Mint. Join community historians, archivists, genealogists, archaeologists, researchers, educators, reenactors and other history enthusiasts for a free Community Open House at this historic site. Past history weekends at the Old Mint have brought together dozens of organizations to celebrate and tell the City’s unique history, and have attracted several thousand participants.

Friday's festivities are open only to students, while Saturday and Sunday will see plenty of activity for all in the formerly barren space, with speakers, films, and tours. And if you haven't been in yet — it's been open for a few random things — it's a great chance to explore the huge outdoor courtyard on the main floor or to dig into the old basement vault.

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