A year ago nearly to the day, New York expats thrilled to the good word that the beloved Halal Guys would be franchising, expanding shortly to our fairer shores.

Eater now learns that their San Francisco space will occupy 340 O'Farrell, a storefront formerly operated by Naan 'N' Curry.

"We know that late night is a big opportunity for us," director of operations Renè Hjorth tells the food and dining blog, "so the location is ideal since it is nestled between some major nightclubs, and there are a lot of hotels around the area as well." Construction begins in the next few weeks, and an opening date has yet to be determined.

Meanwhile over in Berkeley where the Halal Guys have another location planned in a historic building, some factors have acted to "slow down the overall construction timeline." So, looks like our falafel with white sauce platter is up first! But worry not: Many more Halal Guys might be on the way, as Eater reports as many as 30 franchisees could hit the Bay Area.

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