Forget the forefathers of American democracy and financial systems: The next hit Broadway musical could take its cues from the forefathers of the PC and the Mac. As the New York Times foreshadows in its opening night countdown coverage, Nerds, a new Broadway production that first saw the stage in North Carolina, bills itself as a "A Musical Dot-Comedy" and seeks to capitalize on much-belated Jobs nostalgia in addition to renewed interest in musical theater as Hamilton hysteria sweeps the nation. That hit show, by the way, graces San Francisco in March 2017.

Casey Hushion directs Nerds which has been delayed slightly — as it sounds from the Times coverage, casting Jobs was not so easy — so previews at the Longacre Theatre don't begin until April 1st. That's according to, who also note that opening night is set for April 21st.

Of course, the Steve Jobs story has been pretty fully canonized by now, told a great number of times and in a great variety of ways. Notably, in its latest iteration, the film Steve Jobs, even Michael Fassbender couldn't arouse much public interest and the production was pronounced a box office flop. But maybe by including Gates' story in tandem with Jobs', a story of nerdy rivalry will recapture our attention.

Last, of course you remember that Jobs could command a stage during Apple launch events. But how about Gates? Have a look at this dynamite find from the Windows 95 launch.

Let's hope that the musical has the rights to the Stones' "Start Me Up," a so-bad-it's-good computer pun.

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