Man, those sunny days were nice, weren't they? Well, hopefully you got some sun in, because rain is expected today, tomorrow, and Friday. You can likely see the clouds from your desk right now — rolling in to dump on your happy hour plans.

With an 80 percent chance of rain today, starting after lunch, and thunderstorms predicted for tonight, it's likely to be a soggy commute home. You brought your umbrella with you today, right?

“We’re in for some pretty drastic changes,” Bob Benjamin of the National Weather Service told the Chronicle. “We’ll have increasing cloudiness overnight with some chances of drizzle Wednesday morning and light but widespread rain by tomorrow afternoon.”

But hey, all is not lost, except for fans of El Niño craving more drenchers — both Saturday and Sunday are predicted to be sunny and in the mid-60's.

So be careful on your commute home, as we all know that even a bit of precipitation causes drivers to do totally insane stuff. And anyway, we definitely still need that rain — you know, the drought and all.

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