Disruptive children will soon have something on which to spend that Bitcoin they've been saving from the Tooth Fairy.

For young founders and tech execs to be, Radio Flyer has teamed up with Tesla to build a Model S for Kids, a $500 lithium battery-powered contraption that maxes out at 6 mph and can carry loads of up to 81 pounds. Provided you are three to eight years old and ideally based in the Menlo Park area, get ready to roll up to the playground looking extra fly. You can even customize your own parking space. Check it out.

The cars hypothetically are available on May16th, but knowing Elon Musk's perfectionism and delays as famous as Kanye's, you might not want to get your hopes too high. Nevertheless, the Tesla CEO does seem satisfied with the product.

But, dear parents, heed this warning: If you get your kid a Model S, before you know it, they're going to want a Model X. Then, come Christmas, get ready to explain why Santa couldn't fit a SpaceX rocket down the chimney.

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