You've heard about muggers who are after your cell phone, your bag, your camera, or even your jewelry. But now even your cookies might be at risk as you walk on San Francisco's streets.

The news of your dessert-related vulnerability comes to us from the San Francisco Police Department, which says that at the prime snack time of 4 p.m. Friday, a 35-year-old man holding a bag of cookies as he walked down Mission Street between Sixth and Seventh Streets was approached by two men described only as "in their 40s."

The cookie-holding man then tried to walk away from one of them, but was stopped by the second. It was the second man, police say, who punched the guy with the treats.

As the victim fell to the ground, he lost his grasp on the cookies. His assailant grabbed them, and the suspects fled on foot.

The now-sweetless man was transported to the hospital to treat a cut he received on his chin in the attack. The suspects, police say, remain at sugary large.