A man was shot Monday morning in his own home while attempting to fight off a robber.

Details are light, but what we do know is pretty frightening and a bit bizarre. At around 11 a.m. on Monday, reports Mission Local, a man rang the doorbell of a Shotwell Street home between 25th and 26th Streets. The 54-year-old resident opened the door only to have a 30-something doorbell ringer burst his way into the apartment.

The home invader reportedly demanded money, at gunpoint, and a fight broke out between the two men. Somehow, in the midst of the scuffle, the 54-year-old was shot in the ass. At that point, notes Mission Local via the SFPD, "the suspect ran out of the apartment to get help" and shortly thereafter a random good Samaritan drove the victim to the hospital. The victim apparently "gave no further information to police."

That the robber ran to get help, and that the victim apparently isn't fully cooperating with the police suggests that this wasn't entirely random. Regardless, that someone attempted a brazen home invasion at 11 a.m. on a Monday morning is definitely concerning — especially considering that no arrest has been made.

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